Thursday, March 6, 2014

Corpus Christi - Luke Romyn

Corpus Christi is the first novel in the Legacy Chronicles series. This book is $3.99 for the kindle, but it's also one of nine full length novels in the Killer Thriller Collection, that's available for only 99 cents. I'm not sure why this religious fantasy is included in a collection of killer thrillers, except that there's abundant killing. By the end of the book, the thrill was gone.

Jacob Hope works for the UN. Jacob has focused his life on making a positive difference, and chose the UN as the best place to do it. On a mission to stop a civil war, Jacob is kidnapped. Then he's rescued by a man who names Jacob the Christ reborn. Jacob dismisses this claim, but has lingering doubts about what happened. Jacob's next assignment in the field is for the Red Cross in Uganda. There Jacob meets true evil for the first time and discovers he really is the Christ reborn. Adventures proceed, with Jacob battling evil and slowly discovering his special abilities.

This book would be interesting if that was the main focus, but the main focus is Jacob's angst. The author can't simply describe what's taking place in the novel. He has to spend three or four times as many words, going through Jacob's introspection, as he does Jacob's actions. By the time I was done reading my brain was almost numb. If you like religious fantasy, you might give this book a try, but I'm not going back to this author anytime soon. Barely recommended.

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