Sunday, March 23, 2014

Everflame - Dylan Peters

Everflame is free for the kindle. This is a fantasy novel with some interesting twists. There are two other books in the Everflame trilogy

The Everflame burns eternal in the kingdom of the bears as a symbol of their spirit. Evercloud is a human who was rescued from wolves and raised by bears. Evercloud is the only human to ever live with the bears. He's the adopted son of the bear king Eveneye. When it appears the great tyrant has returned to the land, and there are rumors of the four ancients, Evercloud is part of the team sent to find the ancients. Evil and good are battling once again. The ancients may be the bears' only hope against the great tyrant, the only hope for all creatures. This is a great story. There's plenty of adventure and lots of marvelous creatures. Very highly recommended.

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