Friday, December 12, 2014

Republic - Lindsay Buroker

Republic is the eighth novel in the Emperor's Edge series. I'm not ruling out more books in the series, but this one wraps up very nicely. We can only hope Buroker decides to keep Amaranthe's adventures going.

It's been three months since Turgonia made the transition from an empire to a republic. Amaranthe and Sicarius have been having a relaxing vacation. That's if you call dodging pirates and cannibals relaxing. President Starcrest has recalled them to the capital because he needs his submarine back, and because he can use all the help he can get. The gods of unintended consequences have hit Turgonia with a vengeance. Blowing up alien technology wasn't as simple as it seemed. Not to mention, the religious revival the president approved has become more of a revolt. There's more adventure, romance, and good laughs here than should fit into 600+ pages. Very highly recommended.

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