Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Nightmare - David Beers

A Nightmare is the second novel in the Devil's Dream Series. I couldn't leave this series alone. I have to know that Matthew Brand is dead, even if he's fictional.

At the end of the first book in this series, The Devil's Dream, Matthew Brand is killed most thoroughly, or not. Brand somehow managed to store his essence in the computers at The Wall. Now Brand has transferred himself into the first prisoner who was ever stored at The Wall. Arthur Morgant was a serial rapist, but Arthur was immune to the AIDS virus. So they stored Arthur for posterity. Posterity turned out to be Matthew Brand. Brand took Arthur over and broke him out of The Wall. Now Brand is riding the body of a rapist and hell bent on destroying the human race. Brand's dream has switch from resurrection to revenge. There is a wicked cliff hanger, but I'm reading the third and last book next. Very highly recommended.

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