Thursday, May 7, 2015

King's Folly - Sabrina Flynn

King's Folly is the second novel in the Legends of Fyrsta series. It's not free, but worth paying for. Unfortunately the third book isn't out yet.

As A Thread in the Tangle ends, Isiilde, her new bonded Marsais, her father Oenghus, and three warriors of the blessed order, Acacia, Lucas, and Rivan, have just walked through a portal into a swarm of reapers. It just gets more interesting from there. They have no idea where they are and how far they'll have to travel to thwart the plans of the new bloodmagi Archlord Tharios. They meet new friends and make new enemies along the way, but they stick to the course. They're focused on stopping the evil that Tharois is planning. This is a great story. Very highly recommended. Now to wait for book three.

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