Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Thuvia, Maid of Mars is the fourth novel in Burroughs' Barsoom series. Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) was one of the greats of science fiction. This book is available through:
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John Carter's son Carthoris is in love with Thuvia of Ptarth. Thuvia is already promised to another, but that can't stop Carthoris' love. When an evil warrior steals Thuvia, with an intricate plan to start a war on Mars, Carthoris must rescue his love and stop the impending violence. Along the way Carthoris finds another missing race of martians and makes new and intriguing friends. But even if he rescues Thuvia, can Carthoris win her love? Very highly recommended.

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