Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Rogue Prince - Lindsay Buroker

The Rogue Prince is the first novel in the Sky Full of Stars series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
It's been ten years since Jelena Marchenko was rescued from her kidnappers by her Mom and the crew/passengers of the freighter Star Nomad. Now Jelena's eighteen and temporary captain of the second freighter in the Marchenko fleet, the Snapper. Jelena has continued her Starseer training. Her engineer Erick is also a Starseer. Jelena has decided to detour on her first freight run to free up some lab animals being abused by the corporation where they're caged. This turns into a typical Marchenko debacle. Jelena is growing up real fast. Lots of adventure, some serious danger, and a dash of fun in the bargain. Very highly recommended.

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