Saturday, November 29, 2008

Divergence - Charles Sheffield

Divergence is the second book in the Heritage Universe series. This story takes off where Summertide ended. I recommend you read Summertide first. The same cast of characters make their appearance, but there's a new protagonist E.C. Tally. Tally is a computer housed in a tank grown human body. It's an interesting concept and one that presents some humorous and insightful looks at human nature. The villains, Louis Nenda and Atvar H'sial, are still villains, but they help the rest of the group when they encounter some long lost Zardalu. The Zardalu are the most feared race in the spiral arm, but they were thought to be extinct for over 11 thousand years. This is a book that keeps your interest and provides plenty of surprises. Highly recommended.


Blue Tyson said...

You never know. :) Sounds interesting, so what is the first one about?

Blue Tyson said...

Yep, exactly the same for me, except you are older.

LibraryThing also very good for that.