Saturday, November 29, 2008

What NOT to do over Thanksgiving

My first big mistake was agreeing to play football, shortly after eating Thanksgiving dinner, with five people, all at least 15 years younger than me. The game was three on a side, with one son-in-law (Indianapolis policeman), one nephew-in-law (college student), one grandson 9, one grandnephew 12, and the neighbor kid 11. The neighbor kid was the vicious one. I still have his footprints on my sweatshirt! Mostly I have sore muscles from head to toe. Yes head! I must have muscles in my head because I agreed to play.

My second mistake was agreeing to take a couple of my grandkids bowling the next day. The first frame I fell flat on my face when my knees gave out. I didn't get a gutter ball, but only because they had bumpers in the lane for my grandkids. Yes, for my grandkids! I managed to stumble through three games but I barely topped 100 each game. Thankfully I beat one of my grandkids, but I feel a little guilty making a nine year old play with a 16 pound ball. Just a little though. He was on the other team the day before.

So I'm home and I'm sore and if I never see a football or a bowling ball again I'll die happy. At least until next Thanksgiving.

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