Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bubba and the Dead Woman - Bevill, C.L.

Bubba and the Dead Woman is a surprising book. It's a murder mystery that never takes itself too seriously. Think of Bubba as a kind of Texas redneck Stephanie Plum. If you don't know who Stephanie is you probably don't read. The best part is, this book is free for the kindle and the nook.

Bubba Snoddy is having a bad day. He's the just the mechanic, but he's the only person left to work Bufford's Gas and Groceries on a lonely Thursday night. If figuring out the cash register and the hot dog machine weren't enough trouble, when he gets home the next morning there's a dead woman in the weeds beside his house. Bubba is the number one suspect and he's got to fight to find out who really done it. Great book, and did I mention it's free! Very highly recommended.


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Anonymous said...

I found this book ("Bubba and the Dead Woman") on my nook a couple days ago, and can't remember where I got it! It certainly is great escapist fun to read!