Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hex Hall - Hawkins, Rachel

Hex Hall is book one in a series. When I finished it last night I started the second, and had to pay for it. Enough said.

Sophie Mercer has magical powers. This makes her a member of the Prodigium. She got her powers from her Dad, whom she's never met. When she finally crosses the line with her magic one too many times she's sentenced to the magical reform school for Prodigium kids, Hecate Hall. The witches, fairies, shape shifters, and other kids who live there know it a Hex Hall. Sophie doesn't fit in right away because she's never met any other Prodigium members. What Sophie doesn't know about herself is going to come as quite a shock, and a dangerous one. Perfect for teens and maybe a little younger. Very highly recommended.

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