Friday, March 23, 2012

Zombies Don't Cry - Fischer, Rusty

Zombies Don't Cry is a hoot. It might be considered an attempt at a zombie version of Twilight, but it never takes itself that seriously. Zombies are the new vampires! BTW, this was a free Friday nook book.

Maddy Swift is one of those teenage girls who fades into the background. She's got a best friend who likes the spotlight so she goes along, and life at Barracuda Bay High is pretty good. Maddy's Dad is the town coroner and Maddy likes to do grave rubbings, so things lean toward the morbid right from the start.

Then Maddy is struck by lightening and becomes a zombie. (I didn't know that could happen, but there's lots of good information on zombies in this book.) By coincidence, there's a budding zombie outbreak in Barracuda Bay. Maddy and her good zombie friends are doing their best to keep the rest of the town living and themselves undead.

This is the first book I've read where zombies are the good guys. Well, some of the zombies. A great read, but a little too much teenage angst for my taste, like Twilight. Still, highly recommended.

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wow cant wait to read it(;