Thursday, October 4, 2012

Deadly Offerings - Grace, Alexa

Deadly Offerings is a murder mystery that's still free for the Kindle. Not the best book I've read, but for free it's not bad. In some ways it's more of a bodice ripper than a murder mystery, but you can skip over those parts when you're my age :)

Anne Mason is going through a messy divorce. She sells her share in a software company and her house to get out of her marriage. Michael Brandt is her husband's attorney. He regretted taking the case before he even saw Anne. Once he did the sparks started to fly. Anne is kidnapped and Michael is there when she escapes. The trouble is her kidnapper keeps coming, and he's leaving Anne some presents that she doesn't want. Except for all the sex scenes the book is pretty good, but the ending is not very satisfying. Recommended with those caveats.

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