Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Fallen Star - Sorensen, Jessica

The Fallen Star is the first book in the Fallen Star series. It's still free for the kindle. The other books in the series are only 99 cents. Just a warning, there is a major cliff hanger at the end of this book. You will want to read the second one if you enjoyed the first. I did.

Gemma Lucas is a high school student in the little town of Afton Wyoming. What makes Gemma unique is that until recently she had no feelings at all. She described herself as an emotionless zombie. Then her emotions started to wake up. Gemma is in for some big surprises. She's about to discover that her emotions weren't the only things waiting to wake up. There is lots of action in this book and more than a fair share of teenage angst. The ending is abrupt and leaves the reader aching to find out what happens next. Young adult, but a good read overall. Highly recommended.

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