Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Island Parts 2-5 - Stark, Michael

The Island Parts 2-5 make up the rest of The Island. Parts 1-3 are free and parts 4 and 5 are 99 cents. I read through the last four books like I was starving for words. Now I just have to wait for the next collection of books in the series.

William Hill has made it to the island. He and the other people there are stranded now, because the country has imposed martial law to try and stop the spread of the fever. The problem is, martial law does nothing to stop the spread of the strange creatures that accompany the fever. They're monsters from legend who feed on people's bodies and minds. William has a special connection to these monsters that he'll eventually understand. That is if he can believe the word of a talking nightmare. Plenty of action and plenty of scary. An amazing book. Very highly recommended.

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