Tuesday, November 20, 2012

80AD Books 3-5 - Aiki Flinthart

80AD - The Tekhen of Anuket is book three in the 80AD series. I'm also including book four, 80AD - The Sudarshana, and book five, 80AD - The Yu Dragon, in this review. All the books in this series are free. They're a real bargain. I didn't want to stop reading to write a review until I was done with them all.

In book three Phoenix, Jade, Marcus, and Brynn fight their way through Egypt on a quest to free the goddess Anuket and restore balance to the region. Without Anuket the Nile River can't flood and Egypt is in the grip of a devastating famine. Warriors who die and come back to life are just one of the challenges they face.

In book four the four heroes are in India trying to restore balance. In order to do so they must return the Sudarshana given to Jade to the statue of Vishnu. The four find themselves in a full scale war with a snake goddess on the other side. Another gamer is introduced into the mix. The question is whether he's an ally or an enemy.

In book five Jade, Phoenix, Marcus, and Brynn find themselves in China to directly confront the evil Feng Zhudai. He must be defeated to bring balance to the world of the game and the real world from which Jade and Phoenix were pulled in. Feng Zhudai's power is their biggest obstacle. Will they defeat him and make it back to their world, or be stuck in the game forever? A great fantasy series. Very highly recommended.

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