Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heller - JD Nixon

Heller is free. It's the first in the Heller series, but it's a great stand-alone novel. This author is going on my must read list.

Tilly Chalmers (please don't call her Matilda) is a down and out actor. She got canned from her last gig as a slice of watermelon. Now she's got a new job with a security firm and it's all she hoped and a lot more. It's more complicated, more dangerous, and more fun.

Heller (first name unknown) is Tilly's new boss. He's tall, blonde, gorgeous, and scary. Heller and his family of misfits do their best to make Tilly fit in, but she's the first woman Heller has ever hired and there's some serious adjusting to do.

This isn't a murder mystery, although there's a murder, or two. This isn't a romance, although the sexual tension is palpable. This isn't a mystery, unless you count Heller himself. It's a fun romp through tricky and sometimes dangerous assignments with a cast of characters that's a pleasure to know. Very highly recommended.

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