Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Contact - Hicks, Michael R.

First Contact is hard core alien battle fleet science fiction. This book is the first in The Last War series. It's book five in the larger In Her Name series, but the author recommends reading 4-6 first and then 1-3. Star Wars it reminds me of, and in more ways than one. This book is free for the kindle and an astounding bargain.

Midshipman Ichiro Sato is the youngest member of the crew, and is only on the survey ship Aurora as part of his Terran Naval Academy advanced training. Little does he know he's about to become one of the most famous humans in history. When the Aurora comes out of hyperspace she's jumped into a system with not one, but two planets that are in the habitable zone. The problem is they're both already inhabited, and the inhabitants are nothing the human race has ever imagined. I haven't enjoyed a hard science fiction this much in years. Very highly recommended.

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