Saturday, January 12, 2013

Infinite Sacrifice - L.E. Waters

Infinite Sacrifice is the first book in the Infinite Series. If you're into past lives you'll love this book. It's still free for the kindle.

Maya has just died. She wonders if she's dreaming, when she meets her spirit guide Zachariah. Zachariah tells her that her soul's name is actually Lazrina. In order for Lazrina to "move on" she has to re-live all her past lives. This book covers four of her lives. Lazrina discovers she was a high priest in ancient Egypt, a mother in the kingdom of Sparta, an Irish boy kidnapped by vikings, and a doctor's wife during the black death in England. As Lazrina discovers her past lives, you can watch her soul evolve. A fascinating take on eternity. Highly recommended.

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