Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Women Were Warriors - Catherine M. Wilson

When Women Were Warriors is the first book in the Warrior's Path series. It's still free for the kindle. Get it while you can. It's an amazing book.

Tamras, daughter of Tamnet, just turned 16. It's time for her to be bound to the Lady Merin’s service, and trained as a warrior in her family's tradition. The lessons she learns, the alliances she forms, and the enemies she makes, are all part of this story. Tamras is determined to succeed as a warrior, but on her own terms.

This is a coming of age novel set in another time and place. I truly enjoyed this book and was sad when it ended. It's a great novel. Very highly recommended.

There are some short love scenes in this book, but those scenes don't make the book about sex, anymore than the scenes where people are eating make the book about food. This book is not about lesbians, as some reviewers state. This book is about women who have chosen a warrior's path. Clearly those closed minded reviewers didn't read the whole book. Their loss.

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