Sunday, January 20, 2013

Something Witchy - AJ Myers

Something Witchy was free when I downloaded it. It's $4.99 now for the kindle. This book has witches, vampires, and demons in a teen romance with more angst in 300 pages, than Stephenie Meyer crammed into the whole Twilight series.

Ember Blaylock is 18 years old, a senior in high school, and a bandraoi, or blood witch. Of course Ember doesn't know about the witch thing, and that's just part of her problem. Ember is pursued by a demon, and rescued by a vampire who then kidnaps her "for her own good." Ember has to learn about her heritage and her power fast, or her time may be up. This is a good young adult book that I'd recommend to my teenage granddaughters. If it wasn't for the angst I'd really like this book, but then I'm not a teenage girl. Highly recommended.

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