Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Hint of Frost - Hailey Edwards

A Hint of Frost is the first book in the Araneae Nation series. This book is now $4.24 for the kindle. The world of the Araneae Nation is like none I've read about before. This story is ripe with possibilities for more books, but it comes to a very satisfying conclusion all on its own.

Lourdes is the oldest daughter of the Maven and Paladin of the clan Araneidae. Suddenly she finds herself the new Maven, when her clan is attacked and her parents killed. Lourdes seeks help from the clan Mimetidae to defeat the attacking Theridiidae. Part of her bargain for this help, is that she wed a male from the Mimetidae clan.

Rhys is the youngest son of the Mimetidae Maven. He's a fierce and fearless warrior. He's also a mystery. Rhys has secrets that few know. Some secrets that could get him killed.

Rhys is the Mimetidae male chosen to marry Lourdes and cement the alliances between the Araneidae and the Mimetidae clans. Can Lourdes and Rhys make this marriage of convenience work? Can they recover Lourdes sister Pascale, who fled the attack on the Araneidae, but may have been part of the Theridiidae plot? The adventures and intrigue that follow make a great story. It takes some work to get familiar with this new world, but it's worth the effort. Very highly recommended.

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