Sunday, March 3, 2013

Homeland - M.L. Hall

Homeland is free for the kindle. This book hides an engaging story in some of the worst editing I've ever seen. This novel is amazing for it's lack of correct spelling and grammar. And that's too bad, because if you can get past the editing, the story is very good.

Bran El'bryn is he youngest son of Lord Oscar El'bryn of Bryn Canlyn. Bran has no interest in being a lord, or governing Bryn Canlyn, but circumstance may force his hand. When an old enemy of Bran's father rises to power, and challenges for the rule of Bryn Canlyn, Bran may be the only El'bryn left. You should never make a witch mad.

This is a story that kept me reading, even though I was thoroughly fed up with the misspellings and sentences that made no sense. I read a lot of free books, so my tolerance for a few little mistakes is high. This is much more than a few little mistakes. That said, I still recommend this book if you're not a grammar Nazi.

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