Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dodge the Bullet - Christy Hayes

Dodge the Bullet is free for the kindle. This book has cowboys, cattle, politics, greed, gunfights, and sex. It's an adventure, but it's a romance novel at heart. Don't hold that against it, because it's a great read.

Sarah Woodward is a widow with two young boys. After her husband's death, Sarah finally decides to move from Atlanta to the small town of Hailey, Colorado and become a cattle rancher.

A.J. Dodge is a rancher with a past. A past he's not proud of. When a friend convinces Dodge to help Sarah learn the ranch business, it starts more than one kind of trouble. Sparks fly between Sarah and Dodge, but the real trouble is going to be hanging on to Sarah's ranch when some powerful people want it for themselves. Highly recommended.

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