Saturday, May 18, 2013

Deathscape - Dana Marton

Deathscape is $3.99 for the kindle, but free for Amazon prime members. The title is perfect for this book. Read it and find out why.

Ashley Price is an artist. Ashley is struggling with a near-death experience that's left her unable to care for her five year old daughter, and stifled her ability to paint the kinds of pieces she's known for. Ashley has visions of dead people that she's compelled to paint. Then one night she finishes another tortured portrait and realizes the person in this painting isn't dead. He's buried alive, and on her property.

Jack Sullivan is a police detective. Jack is obsessed with the serial killer known as Brady Blackwell. Jack is getting close, and Blackwell knows it. The solution is to eliminate Jack.

This is an excellent book. There's plenty of suspense, mystery, and an unlikely romance between Ashley and Jack. Warning, there are some explicit passages, but the book for the most part is a murder mystery that kept me reading late into the night. Very highly recommended.

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