Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Hunting Tree Book One - Ike Hamill

The Hunting Tree - Book One is 99 cents for the kindle, but free for Amazon prime members. This is not a book that has a sequel, or the first book in a series. This is the first part of the book. If you don't intend to get the other two parts you won't have a complete book. It's not a cliff hanger. The story just stops a third of the way through. Too bad this wasn't made clear before I downloaded the first part. The second and third parts are not free.

This story has three separate threads that don't seem to have any connection. Maybe that will be made clear in one of the other parts. The first thread follows a prehistoric man called Crooked Tree. His whole family, or tribe, leap to their death, but Crooked Tree doesn't die. The second thread follows Davey. He's seven years old and has some issues. Staying clean appears to be one of them. The third thread follows three paranormal investigators; Mike, Gary, and Katie. They appear to have found some interesting entities, but they don't know what to do with them. The first two threads are interesting, but not compelling. The third thread has some good scary stuff, but the book as a whole is just disjointed at the end of the first part. I'm not going to bother to read the other two parts. Not recommended.

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