Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dead End - Barry Friedman

Dead End is free for the kindle. This is a murder mystery, and a very good one. It's just a bonus that it's free.

Al Maharos is a homicide detective with the Youngstown Ohio police department. Al starts out investigating the murder of a workman's comp lawyer. The lawyer's body was left at a dead end road along I-77. While following up on this murder Al investigates a possible connect to a couple of murders in the Canton Ohio jurisdiction, also along I-77, and also committed on the seventh of the month. Al eventually teams up with Stark County sheriff’s deputy Karen Vandergrift. Al and Karen work the murders with the goal of stopping the next murder on July seventh. Can they find the killer before he kills again? This is a solid police thriller, with some very likable characters, and a truly twisted villain. Very highly recommended.

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