Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Grave Gourmet - Alexander Campion

The Grave Gourmet is a Capucine Culinary Mystery. This book is $9.19 for the kindle, but was free when I downloaded it. If you like murder mysteries with a big dose of humor this book is for you. Be prepared for fashion, food, and Paris.

Capucine LeTellier is a police detective. Capucine's background placed her in financial investigations, but she longs for a chance to dig into a real crime. When a murder occurs in a fancy Paris restaurant she is given a chance, because her husband is a well know restaurant critic. Capucine starts slow, but as the investigation continues she proves herself up to the task. Humor and food spice up this murder mystery. A little too much fashion and fancy for my taste, but the mystery part was just fine. Highly recommended.

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