Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Book of Deacon - Joseph Lallo

The Book of Deacon is the first novel in Book of Deacon trilogy. This book is still free for the kindle. The other two books in the trilogy are only $2.99, and I'll be reading them. I'm canceling netflix and sticking to books. This is the series of books that pushed me over the edge.

Myranda has been drifting from place to place for most of her life. The Perpetual War between the kingdom of Tressor and the Northern Alliance had been raging for 150 years when Myranda was born. She's seen her entire family succumb to the conflict. Myranda is for peace, and in a land where no living soul has ever known peace, that makes Myranda an outcast.

While seeking shelter from a storm, Myranda stumbles on the site of a battle between a warrior and a dragon. There Myranda finds a magnificent sword. The fate of the world now seems to hinge on Myranda and the sword. Magic, marvelous creatures, and a world on the edge, make for a story I couldn't put down. I'll definitely read the other books in this trilogy. Very highly recommended.

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