Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jade - Joseph Lallo

Jade is 99 cents for the kindle. This is a generations later follow-up story to The Book of Deacon trilogy. You don't have to read the trilogy first, but you'll enjoy this book more if you do.

Jade Vera Rinton is six years old when her home catches fire and her family burns to death. Jade is left an orphan. The town elders turn Jade over to a man named Drudder, but Jade was only fostered by Drudder so he could have her land. Now Jade is the only thing standing between Drudder and the ownership of her family's acres. What Drudder doesn't know is that there's a dragon named Halfax lurking in the forest, and the dragon is watching Jade too. This is a great story for young and old. The ending is appropriate for any happy fairy tale. Very highly recommended.

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