Monday, October 21, 2013

Lifesphere INC: Acquisition - Talitha Kalago

Lifesphere INC: Acquisition is free for the kindle. This story takes place in a severely stratified far future dystopian society. This is a great book for young adults. This novel is the first in a series. The other books are not available yet.

Eli is an orphan who's spent his life scavenging on the rim. His dream is to save enough money to purchase a meka and fight his way to the topside. Eli runs into Squall Owens while trying to find a rumored meka seller. Squall is from the blueline. She's wheelchair bound, but Squall has a real family, and her own meka. Eli will find that having a meka isn't as simple as he'd thought, and that getting one can be even more dangerous than dodging falling garbage on the rim. This is a great young adult science fiction story. Very highly recommended.

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