Sunday, October 13, 2013

Way Out West - Blanche Marriott

Way Out West is free for the kindle. This book is a western of sorts, but it's mostly a romance novel. Oh well.

Callie Sumner has been drifting for the last few years. At 25, Callie is ready to settle down, but first she has to get away from her latest boyfriend. Callie figures hiding out with a job at the Way Out West fantasy park should do it. Then Callie meets Rand. While Callie is working at Way Out West as a saloon girl, Rand is a guest playing the part of a gambler. Who is Rand and is he really the kind of man Callie could fall for? It's a romance novel so take a guess. I did enjoy the book. There's some wild west action to keep it interesting, and a villain to put the damsel in distress. There's also plenty of the romance stuff. Highly recommended.

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