Friday, February 14, 2014

Heller's Revenge - JD Nixon

Heller's Revenge is the second novel in the Heller series. These books should be read in order. This is not a murder mystery, although there are murders. This is not a detective story, although there is some detecting going on. This is not a romance, although it's written for adults. This is a ribald romp through the life of a woman who took a job as a security officer.

Tilly Chalmers is still the only woman working for Heller's Security & Surveillance. Tilly enjoys her work some days and doesn't others. She's trying to balance her flirtatious relationship with her boss Heller, and her boyfriend Will. Tilly also has to deal with the adversarial relationship between her homicide detective brother Brian and her boss. In this book Tilly's engaged in assignments that challenger her, anger her, and almost get her killed more than once. The whole story is leavened with a hefty dose of humor. Very highly recommended.

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