Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 19th Element - John L. Betcher

The 19th Element is the first novel in the James Becker series. This book is $6.49 for the kindle, but it's also one of nine full length novels in the Killer Thriller Collection that's available for only 99 cents.

James L. Becker, Attorney-at-Law, lives in the small town of Red Wing Minnesota. Beck wasn't always a lawyer. Beck spent over 20 years in military intelligence, and he didn't sit behind a desk. When a professor from the University of Minnesota washes up on the bank of the Mississippi River, just north of Red Wing, Beck's curiosity gets the better of him. Turns out that's a good thing. Beck may be the only person standing between the country and an Al Qaeda engineered nuclear disaster. This is a great book. The suspense holds right down to the wire. Very highly recommended.

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