Friday, February 28, 2014

The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons - Craig Halloran

The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons is the first book in the Chronicles of Dragon series. This is actually a novella. The subsequent books in the series are full length novels. This story is free for the kindle.

Nath Dragon looks like a man, a big burly champion of a man, but he was born a dragon. He has to earn his scales, and he's been trying to do so for 200 years. Nath's father, the king of the dragons, has been patiently waiting. Nath and his friend, Brenwar the dwarf, set out to earn Nath's scales. It turns out that not all scales are the same, and Nath's task is not going to be easy.

This is a good series for young adults, or even younger. There's some violence, but no cursing and no sex. There are ten books in the series so far, but only this first one is free. Highly recommended.

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