Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dragon's Triangle - Christine Kling

Dragon's Triangle is a nautical adventure, conspiracy theory, mystery novel. This book was free when I downloaded it, but it's now $4.99 for the kindle. I can loan it to the first kindle user who asks though.

Maggie Riley is a security consultant who lives on her boat, the Bonefish. The Bonefish and Maggie are currently located at the Ao Chalong Anchorage in Phuket, Thailand. Maggie is still missing her ex-lover Cole Thatcher, who supposedly died in a diving accident four years ago, but she keeps thinking she sees him, she suspects he's alive, and she's always looking. Then Maggie gets a letter from someone who claims to have been friends with her grandfather, and has information for her, but he wants her to meet him in Bangkok. Maggie decides to take the bait and an adventure begins that will change her world and threaten her life. This is a great story. It starts slow, but by the end it's going gangbusters. And an excellent end it is. Very highly recommended.

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