Monday, June 16, 2014

Planet Urth - Jennifer Martucci, Christopher Martucci

Planet Urth is the first novel in the Planet Urth Series. This book is free for the kindle.

Avery and June could be the last two humans left. Avery is only 17 and June is only 8. They hide every night from the lurkers and spend every day trying to find food and honing their fighting skills. They've been driven into hiding by the Urthmen, mutants who've taken over the planet. After a devastating war, over 200 years ago, much life mutated in horrifying ways. The humans who managed to hide and survive are now being hunted ruthlessly. Then, while hunting one day, Avery glimpses more humans. Can Avery and June save these humans and become a family again, or will the Urthmen find them first? This book started out slow. The writing style is more like a term paper than a novel. The lack of contractions and stilted language almost made me stop reading. But I'm glad I stuck with it. This is a very good book, with interesting characters and adventures. The ending is not a cliff hanger, but clearly there are more books in this series to explore. Highly recommended.

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