Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Choosing - Jeremy Laszlo

The Choosing is the first novel in the Blood and Brotherhood Saga. This book is free for the kindle. In the kingdom of Valdadore, each person owes five years of service to the kingdom, at their coming of age. The Choosing is where their method of service is decided.

Seth and Garret are twin boys. They're coming of age, and must make the journey to the capital city of Valdadore to attend the choosing. Garret looks forward to joining the army. Seth can't decide how he wants to serve the kingdom, or if he wants to serve at all. Along the way Seth and Garret make friends with others heading to the choosing. Ashton and Sara join their party. This is the story of the group's adventures and decisions, in a land with magic, war, and dangerous creatures. This is a great story, but you'll definitely want to read the rest of the saga. Unfortunately, it's not free. Very highly recommended.

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