Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Tide of Shadows - Tom Bielawski

A Tide of Shadows is the first novel in the Chronicles of Llars series. This book is free for the kindle. Magic, monsters, and more complicated than the tax code.

Carym is doing his best to be a simple carpenter. Carym lost is wife and daughter to raiders, gave into revenge and the bottle, and is doing his best to recover. Then Carym is thrust into a conflict he can't avoid, and his life is changing again.

Shalthazar is a powerful wizard. He's about to embark on a plot he's been planning for centuries. Shalthazar is on a collision course with Carym. The question is who will survive the collision.

This could be a good book. At the pace of this first novel, there may not be a conclusion for volumes though. There are too many characters, too many plots, and too much introspection by the main players. I finished this book mainly to see how the story progressed. Not very far. If you really like epic tales that run to books in the double digits, where the author is more in love with his words than his characters, you might like this book and the other volumes to follow. There are at least four out there so far. Not recommended.

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