Sunday, July 20, 2014

Frozen Past - Richard C Hale

Frozen Past is the first novel in the Jaxon Jennings series. This book is free for the kindle. That's a real bargain for this great mystery.

Luke Harrison is just a freshman. He's more concerned with snow days than grades. Then while Luke is trying to scrape up more ammunition during a snowball fight, he discovers something that's going to change his life and the lives of his friends. Eliana Pemberton is a freshman too. Eliana is upset because her dog Bentley is missing. Bentley is just the tip if the iceberg in the horror that's coming for Luke and Eliana. Their best hope will be Detective Jaxon Jennings, homicide investigator for the Fairfax County Police Department. Jaxon has been through his own personal horror, and it's very similar to the one Eliana and Luke are experiencing. This is a great mystery. Very highly recommended.

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