Monday, July 14, 2014

Blood of Requiem - Daniel Arenson

Blood of Requiem is free for the kindle. This novel is the first in the Song of Dragons series. This is a fantasy book where there are dragons, and then there are dragons.

The Vir Requis are a race of men with the magic to become dragons. They've been driven almost to extinction by the jealous vindictive son of their last king, Dies Irae. Dies Irae vilifies the Vir Requis as weredragons, and has blamed them for all the world's problems. Fighting for their lives, and the life of their race, the last few Vir Requis are searching for the true dragons, creatures of legend, in hopes they'll help them in the fight to survive. This is a great book. A bit overly dramatic at times, but full of great characters, adventures, and some romance. The ending is just slippery enough to leave room for the second book. Very highly recommended.

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