Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Empty Quarter - David L. Robbins

The Empty Quarter is a book that almost refuses to be put down. If you like military adventure and thrills, this story will more than satisfy your needs. This novel is $4.99 for the kindle. It was free when I downloaded it. I can loan this book to someone with a kindle. If you're interested let me know.

The men and women of the United States Air Force Pararescue are Combat Rescue Officers. They're part of the United States Air Force Special Operations Command. CROs are some of the best trained, toughest, and most sacrificing men and women in our armed forces. Their mission is to save lives, not take them. They're known as the Guardian Angels. This story follows a team of CROs on a mission into the Empty Quarter, the vast desert that spans Saudi Arabia and portions in Yemen. When the mission goes sideways, the CROs are forced to make some tough decisions. Lives will be lost and lives will be saved. Which lives is the question. This is a fantastic book. I fell asleep reading it and woke up to start again. Very highly recommended.

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