Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Registry - Shannon Stoker

The Registry is the first novel in the Registry series. This book is $6.64, but it was free for the kindle when I downloaded it.

Mia Morrissey is almost 18 and looking forward to being listed on the registry. All young girls should be. That's their place in American society. Then Mia's sister Corinna shows up at Mia's home after escaping from her husband. Mia can't understand why anyone would want to escape from their husband, but before she's taken away Corinna tells Mia to look in her closet. What Mia discovers changes her view of the world forever. Mia's now focused on one thing, escape from America and her enslavement by the registry.

This book is yet another dystopian fantasy with an extremely pessimistic take on the future. Like some similar stories, this future America is completely unbelievable, but it does make for an interesting story. If this book was still free I'd recommend it. It's no longer free, so you might want to save your money.

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