Sunday, September 21, 2014

Embrace - Rachel Humphrey-D'aigle

Embrace is the third novel in the Fated Saga series. This book is 99 cents for the kindle, but it's part of the free three book Firemancer Collection, which contains the first three novels in the Fated Saga series. You should read these books in order, starting with Awaken and Shifting.

After eleven months traveling with the Svoda Gypsies, Meghan and Colin Jacoby are still growing in their use of magic. Meghan is embracing her Firemancer abilities and Colin seems to have strong magic and endless energy. Now the twins are dealing with the rules in their latest destination, Eidolon's Valley. Everyone is forbidden to do magic while the gypsies are on the edge of Eidolon's Valley. This makes school impossible, so the children are all on break. The gypsies are also forbidden to set foot in the valley itself. Colin and Meghan will discover why firsthand. The question is, will they survive. More magical adventures for the Jacoby twins. Highly recommended.

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