Friday, August 14, 2015

Full Black - Brad Thor

Full Black is the 10th or 11th novel in the Scot Harvath series. It is definitely the 11th book I've read in the series, but it says it's the 10th, even though the last book I read also said it's the 10th, and the next book says it's the eleventh. Look at the publication dates to make sure you read the first 10th novel before the second 10th novel :)
Thor has been throwing out some cliff hangers from time to time. Book nine, Foreign Influence, ended with the captured terrorist being blown to bits. Not a bad ending, except the CIA wanted to interrogate him first. In this novel Scot is still trying to track down the persons responsible for that explosion. The same shadowy group is planning to blow Americans to bits, and soon. Scot has to uncover the details of their plot in order to stop it. And there's a new cliff hanger, but you can find it for yourself. Very highly recommended.

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