Friday, August 21, 2015

The Einstein Prophecy - Robert Masello

The Einstein Prophecy is a supernatural thriller set in WWII. This book is free to borrow as an Amazon Prime member.
Army lieutenant Lucas Athan is part of a team trying to recover stolen art from the Nazis in 1944. The Germans are on the run, but still dangerous. Lucas finds a huge cache of stolen art in an old mine. It includes a sarcophagus stolen from Egypt. Lucas was a professor at Princeton before the war and when he's injured he heads back there. Coincidentally, so does the sarcophagus. And of course Professor Albert Einstein just happens to be at Princeton too. Lucas and the Egyptian archaeologists who discovered the sarcophagus are tasked with discovering what so special about this artifact that the Nazis want it. They're all in for an unpleasant surprise. Lots of action and some romance. Plenty of spooky too. Highly recommended.

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