Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Athena Project - Brad Thor

The Athena Projectis the 10th novel in the Scot Harvath series. Scot plays a supporting role in this book though. The stars are the Athena Team.
Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, Megan Rhodes, and Alex Cooper make up a four-person Athena team. They're Delta Force's response to the need for some women operators. They're as deadly as they come. When their "simple" assignment, to kidnap an Italian arms dealer, is complete, it's discovered that there's a much bigger threat out there the team needs to address. A weapon right out of Star Wars, and leftover from WWII, is about to be used against America. The Athena team is going to have to stop the terrorists behind this threat and quick. A great action thriller. Very highly recommended.

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