Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ancient Enemy - Mark Lukens

Ancient Enemy is $2.99 for the kindle. This novel was free when I downloaded it. This book is a supernatural thriller where legend becomes reality in a frightening and deadly standoff.

Stella is an archeologist specializing in the Anasazi. This story starts with Stella at an Anasazi dig in New Mexico. She's running for her life from something that is slowly killing everyone at the dig site. David is a nine year old native American boy. David showed up at the dig covered in blood after the troubles started. Stella and David manage to escape New Mexico, only to be highjacked by bank robbers in Colorado. The robbers don't realize it, but they just made the biggest mistake of their lives. Whatever was killing people in New Mexico, has followed Stella and David, and the killing is about to start again.

This is a good story. My criteria is, it keeps my interest and the ending doesn't suck. Some would say I have low standards. Maybe more than some. This novel has almost no character development, hence first names only. It has almost no back story. If you're a plot Nazi, you've been warned. This book has a definite ability to raise your heart rate and fight any urges you have to stop reading. Good enough for me. Highly recommended.

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