Thursday, November 28, 2013

Extinction Point - Paul Antony Jones

Extinction Point is $2.00 for the kindle. This is a post-apocalypse that makes you wonder if the human race will even survive. What if you were the only person left alive on earth? What if you were the only animal life left on earth?

Emily Baxter is a newspaper reporter living in New York city. She's happy with her life and happy with her job. Then the red rain comes. Soon Emily has neither her life nor her job. Emily may be the only human alive on earth, but the dead humans are about to become something that's even scarier than being alone. This book was almost impossible to put down. 3:00 AM rolls around and I have to get some sleep. Then I read right through my nap the next day. Scary stuff. There is a sequel. Very highly recommended.

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