Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chameleon - Cidney Swanson

Chameleon is the second novel in the Ripple Trilogy. This book is $3.99 for the kindle, but amazon still has a special deal going for the entire trilogy for 99 cents.

Samantha, Will, and Will's sister Mickie travel to France as part of a school trip. The goal is to connect with Sir Walter, another rippler Mickie has been corresponding with. Sir Walter seems to have a better understanding of why a mysterious group murdered Sam's mother and is now trying to capture Sam alive. The trio find Sir Walter and learn more about ripplers, but still don't get answers to all their questions. There are plenty of close calls and adventures, and romance begins to bloom at last. You MUST read these books in order. It's worth it. Very highly recommended.

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